Enjoy Gour Meat

About us

Gour Meat was founded in 2014 as a butcher shop and restaurant, in order that our customers live the experience of sharing an Argentine barbecue among friends in the heart of Miraflores.

Currently, we have two locations , the classic one on Av. La Mar, Miraflores and in Chacarilla, Av. Primavera , in both locations you can find the best cuts of American , Argentine and Uruguayan meat also pork, charcuterie, grilled fish and seafood; Wines, cocktails and more.

Our goal is to make you feel always at home. 

Welcome! It is a pleasure to enjoy your presence.

Nuestra Comida

Nuestros cortes son seleccionados cuidadosamente para brindarles la mejor calidad y sabor. Si eres un verdadero amante de la carne, ¡debes probar nuestros jugosos cortes!


Hours of service:

11:00 am is the opening to the public



Av. La Mar 1097, Miraflores
Fijo:(01) 4228505

Av. Primavera 283, San Borja